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Discovering area


In the center of the north-west  Sardinia, Sassari is the second city of the island with 129,000 inhabitants,

anabull2.gif (133 byte)History

Mentioned for the first time in 1131 in an old register of the monastery of San Pietro di Silki , Sassari is a "young" city but his territory and the Sanna Museum offer us numerous testimonies of  human presence: from the imposing Monte ziqqurat built around 2400 BC to 170 nuraghi or Roman ruins. In the second half of the thirteenth century, Sassari, allied first to Pisa and then to Genoa, had already more than 10,000 inhabitants. In 1294 the city became a free Commune. From 1323, the city came under Aragonese domination. "Rosello" fountain(1605) became the symbol of the city and, on 1634, the University of Sassari has been founded,the first Sardinian university. On 1720, Sardinia passed under the domination of the "Savoy's". video

anabull2.gif (133 byte)Attractions.

To be visited: the city walls, the church of Santa Maria in Bethlehem, the Cathedral of St. Nicola, the Rosello Fountain, the Palazzo Ducale, Civico Theatre, Piazza Tola and the Usini Palace, University, Piazza d'Italia (1870) with the Provincial Governement building and the neo-gothic "Palazzo Giordano", the Hall Crafts Museum and the Sanna Museum.

At 11km,on south of the city, lies the elegant basilica Saccargia of Romanesque-Pisan style.

anabull2.gif (133 byte)Events. 

-I Candelieri. ( agust 14th). The most popular event in the sassari life is the "Faradda" (descent) of the candlesticks.            

- The Sardinian "Cavalcade" (penultimate sunday in may) a parade of folk costumes of the contris of the island and a discovery o the Sardinian culture (dances, songs and dexterities on horseback).


Catalan city on the sea, Alghero is surrounded by sixteenth century towers and walls and is located in an environment of great value that includes the Natural Park of Porto Conte and the Marine Reserve of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana.(Video)

To be visited: The  nuragical village of Palmavera and the necropolis of Anghelu Ruiu

Porto Torres

There are large testimonies of the Roman city Turris Libissonis  (27 BC) as thermal spa, bridge,.... It was the capital of the Torres "giudicato" and then fall in favor of Sassari because of pirate raids.

To be see the majestic Basilica of San Gavino, in pisan romanesque style (1050-1117, the roman ruins and the seaside of Balai


Castelgenovese, Castelaragonese  o Castelsardo, these names indicate the troubled past of this beautiful promontory in the Asinara Gulf. Its historical center preserves the memories of all these changes.


You have to visit this natural paradise. It's a village of fishermen sent away from dell'Asinara by the creation of the prison. It's also the starting point for visiting the National Park of Asinara.

Is Sardinia the legendary Atlantis?






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